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World Backup Day is March 31...Is Your Data Secure?

March 27th, 2017

World Backup Day – held every year on March 31 - is an annual reminder of the importance of running regular backups on the data that is so central to both our professional and personal lives.  And since it's known that as many as 30% of us have never backed up our data, that nearly 30% of data disasters are caused by accidents, and that 1 in 10 computers is infected with a virus every month, we think this "holiday" is a great idea!

While this day of awareness is pretty broadly targeted, we'll be taking the opportunity to reinforce the critical need for backups for business in particular by bringing attention to the various data threats that are putting your data at risk, as well as solutions for preventing catastrophic data loss.

Because there are many risks out there.  And every business is at risk from them, all the time.  These are just some of today’s most common threats:

  • Malware
  • Theft...either of physical devices or passwords
  • Phishing Attacks
  • Inevitable Risks...things like failed or ruined equipment, a building fire or weather-related emergencies, to name a few
  • Human Error
  • Cybercrime
  • Outdated Technology
  • Denial

You really have to look at it not as a matter of if, but when one of the above threats becomes a reality.  And that reality makes proper backups a critical need for any business, no matter the size.

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Keeping your critical business data safe from anything and everything really must be a top priority.  This is especially true of small and medium-sized businesses, who all too often find it impossible to recover from data loss.

And that’s why every day this week, we’ll discuss in more detail one or more of the common risks – presented just for fun as named data loss characters -- along with solutions to prevent them.  (Spoiler Alert: the solution for every one of them includes properly maintained and tested data backups, along with recovery solutions!)

First up for this week is Mayhem.

Fighting Mayhem…the Stormy Data Loss Gremlin

Data Loss Gremlin Mayhem.pngAs a member in good standing with the six Data Loss Gremlins, Mayhem has a variety of weapons at his disposal.

This multi-talented, modern-day Jupiter can activate tornadoes, hurricanes, floods and blizzards. Whenever he unleashes his destructive powers, Mayhem is guaranteed to make a mess. Mayhem has vast experience in knocking out power lines, ripping roofs of buildings, and flooding all manner of structures, turning everything within them into a nasty soup. And when any of that happens, your critical business data is at risk. 

Mayhem is always trying to out-do himself, summoning up unlimited powers to create gigantic storms with driving rains, blasting winds and extensive flooding. Once he whips himself up into a rage, Mayhem cannot be contained – not until he exhausts himself.

In other words, Mayhem is that element of nature that none of us can control.  It's the flood that damages your building, the blizzard that keeps everyone out of the office for a few days (or more), or the hurricane that shuts down your business altogether.

And while natural disasters of this magnitude aren't as common as spilled coffee, they DO happen.  And preparation is the key to survival.

Mayhem Doesn’t Have to Have the Last Word

While Mayhem can’t be stopped, how this threat impacts your business IS something you can control.

Don’t plan for Mayhem, and you risk losing everything.

Plan for Mayhem with proper data backups and disaster recovery and/or business continuity planning and you will easily weather this storm with all of your critical information intact.

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Best practices against Mayhem include regular testing of your business continuity plans – to make sure you’re not missing any critical data and that the plan works as it should – and offsite cloud backups. 

With these in place not only is your data secure, but it also provides options for accessibility should your physical office become inaccessible.  Because recognizing that now it's not solely about backup your data, it's also about accessing it quickly and with minimal downtime after any kind of data loss disaster occurs.

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Tomorrow...Meet Scratch and Learn How to Fight Back Against Him

Check back tomorrow to learn more about Scratch, the Data Loss Gremlin who thrives on outdated technology and equipment failures.  Or use the button below to subscribe to our blog and you'll receive tomorrow's installment directly via email.

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