These are the Modern O365 Features You Probably Aren't Using (Yet)

April 19th, 2018

Microsoft’s cloud-based O365 has a ton of modern productivity tools…tools that those who have been comfortably using MS Office for many years are more likely not to know about.  If you’re still using this upgraded suite of tools in that old familiar way, here is a run-down of some modern O365 features you’re going to want to check out.

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Embracing a Green Workplace: 7 Things You Can Do to Make an Impact

April 12th, 2018

Earth Day is right around the corner, which makes it a great time to offer some tips and reminders on creating – and embracing – a green workplace.  Here are 7 ways you can make an impact at the office.

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The Hidden Costs of Poor IT Management

March 22th, 2018

When choosing the best IT support solution for your business, it might feel like the decision primarily comes down to budget: can we or can’t we afford dedicated IT support? But it’s not nearly that simple anymore, because while NOT investing in IT support may feel like a cost-savings, there are many hidden costs that also need to be considered.

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Healthy Habits for Computer Users

February 15th, 2018

The modern office is designed around sitting, and for office workers, that most likely includes sitting in front of a computer for most of the day.  But while you’re sitting there trying to be as productive as possible, it’s important to remember the impact that this type of all-day computer use has on your physical health as well as your...

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7 IT Habits of Highly Effective Businesses

December 14th, 2017

In our digital age, good IT habits can make the difference between a business that survives and one that thrives.  Technology is a business-enabler that can drive productivity, customer satisfaction and operational efficiencies, but only if your business is making the most of it.  Here are 7 IT habits that smart businesses adopt.

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5 Signs That It’s Time to Update Your IT Infrastructure

September 28th, 2017

Whether it’s to keep pace with modern technology, to remain competitive, or to accommodate growth, the reality of business is that from time to time you have to update your IT infrastructure. Although this may require an upfront investment, staying put with your current setup can actually be more costly in the long run.

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Windows 10 Sees Faster Adoption Rates Than Previous OS, Largely Due to Security Improvements

April 26th, 2017

According to the analyst firm Gartner, Windows 10 adoption rates by enterprise business are now exceeding those of Microsoft’s previous operating system (OS).  And it is the operating system’s security improvements that are being cited as the primary driver of the migration.

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What To Do if You Have iPhone Touch Disease

January 06th, 2017

As much as we love our iPhones, sometimes they act funny or don't work like we need them to. But for some users, the issues go beyond an occasional freeze-up to a bigger issue officially known as iPhone Touch Disease.

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Are You Practicing Safe IT Habits On-the-Go?

December 29th, 2016

Business travel – whether for just one day or multiple days – requires a fair amount of planning and pre-travel preparation.  But one important thing that often gets left off the checklist is properly preparing our devices for departure.

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The Risky Business of Outdated Technology

December 21th, 2016

Like it or not, holding on to outdated technology is not a sign of sensibility - it's a threat to your business.  While it may seem like hanging on to older machines, operating systems or software is the more fiscally conservative option, more than likely that decision is actually costing your company in a variety of negative ways.

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