The Dangers of Social Media Sites and Phishing

June 18th, 2018

One uncomfortable reality of the social media era is that the information that we are so freely sharing online is actually providing cybercriminals with a treasure trove of information that they can use to make their malicious attacks more believable...and therefore more successful.

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Would You Fall for a Phishing Scam?

May 10th, 2018

Phishing is one of the most prevalent and efficient ways for cyber criminals to exploit employees and gain access to sensitive data. Instead of looking for system vulnerabilities, they are targeting human ones by creating sophisticated campaigns intended to trick you and your staff into providing sensitive data to them.

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What's Wrong With This Picture?

April 05th, 2018

There are many layers to network security, and fortunately everyone seems to be more aware of the ongoing work required to protect digital data from hackers and the multitude of online threats we're facing. But there is another aspect to data protection that is often overlooked, and that's physical security.

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ALERT: New Gmail Password Reset Scam Circulating

April 03th, 2018

Warning!  There is a new - and very clever - Gmail Password Reset scam circulating.

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REPORT: The 100 Worst Passwords of 2017

January 16th, 2018

SplashData’s annual list of the worst (worst meaning most commonly used, therefore the least secure) passwords has been released and it reveals that computer users are STILL using weak, easy-to-guess combinations to protect their accounts.

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6 Ways to Shop Smart This Holiday Season

November 28th, 2017

'Tis the score those great holiday cyber deals! But while you're making the holidays happy for all those on your "nice" list, you need to be sure you're also doing everything you can to protect yourself from cyber attacks and attempts to steal your personal information.

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Learn From These Real-Life Phishing Email Examples

November 20th, 2017

The bad guys are working overtime out in cyberspace right now, which greatly increases your chances of encountering a phishing email (or twenty) over the next several weeks. Knowing what to look for is the best way to avoid a bad click and the resulting consequences, so we dissected some examples that we received just last week, pointing out...

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Avoid These Popular Holiday Scams

November 14th, 2017

Cybercriminals use clever scams to defraud millions of people every year, regardless of the season.  But with the holiday season – and the biggest shopping days of the year -- just around the corner, it’s more important than ever to keep your guard up and stay vigilant.

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A 5-Step Plan for Protecting Your Business From Cyber Threats

October 26th, 2017

Cybersecurity isn’t just an IT problem.  It’s a risk management issue that impacts your entire business and therefore must be managed and reviewed on an ongoing basis. 

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Why You Should Turn off the Browser Autofill Feature

September 13th, 2017

In the wake of the massive Equifax breach, it’s pretty safe to say that data privacy is something we should all be concerned about. And even if you are staying vigilant about following modern network and data security best practices, a simple website setting may actually be putting your personal data at risk.

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