ALERT: Secure Your iCloud Data Before April 7

March 25th, 2017

Hackers from the Turkish Crime Family (TCF) are threatening to remotely wipe iCloud data from hundreds of millions of iPhones on April 7.  While Apple hasn't confirmed a breach, it's still possible that the group does in fact have a huge cache of genuine Apple ID passwords, so in an abundance of caution, iCloud users are being urged to act now...

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What To Do if You Have iPhone Touch Disease

January 06th, 2017

As much as we love our iPhones, sometimes they act funny or don't work like we need them to. But for some users, the issues go beyond an occasional freeze-up to a bigger issue officially known as iPhone Touch Disease.

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QuickTime for Windows Users: Time to Uninstall

April 20th, 2016

The Department of Homeland Security has issued an alert recommending that any QuickTime for Windows users immediately uninstall the program due to potential security risks.

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2015: A Year in Technology Review

December 14th, 2015

2015 has been a very big year for many things, and technology is no exception. The launches and upgrades and new apps were coming at us so fast during the last 6 months in particular that we were starting to worry we were missing something great.

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I Can Do WHAT With My iPhone?

November 09th, 2015

In the 8.5 years since the very first iPhone was released to the public, the device has gone from just a cool phone to a veritable lifeline for millions and millions of devoted iPhone users.

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How to Prepare an Old Phone for Sale

October 21th, 2015

With record iPhone sales being reported and the holiday season fast approaching, getting rid of an old phone is bound to appear on the to-do list of many of us. And whether you are selling it, handing it down, donating it or converting it to an iPod for a younger member of the family, it's important to back up the data on it and also wipe it...

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Apple Inc.: Taking a Big Bite out of Today's Technology Market

October 09th, 2015

Apple has been as busy as ever, especially over the last few months with some major releases on both the product and the operating side. If the record sales and reviews have anything to say for it, it's been nothing but up-side for the world's leading tech brand and consumer alike.

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