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Top 7 Cybersecurity Questions You Need to Answer for Your Business

February 22th, 2018

Today's cyber threats continue to evolve and grow more sophisticated.  There are phishing campaigns, malicious websites, ransomware, malvertising, DoS attacks, man in the middle attacks, brute force attacks and more. Yet, too many businesses remain ill-prepared to combat them.

And in case you’re sitting there thinking, “We're a small business, that could never happen to us,”…well, think again, because statistics show otherwise

In fact, hackers have intentionally shifted their focus towards small businesses and as a result, about half of all cyberattacks target this segment. 


Because the criminals behind the attacks know that smaller businesses are more inclined towards that “there’s nothing here of value” mindset and therefore tend to be less prepared.  Plus, there is plenty of valuable data to be had, in addition to access to the data of other businesses, vendors, partners, etc.

Every Business Needs to Worry About a Cyber-Attack

Cybersecurity for business.pngWhile the actual cost of a data breach will vary from business to business, the reality is that without proper due diligence and an investment in effective network security solutions, a business that falls victim to a cyber-attack is likely to face significant losses. 

These losses stem from system downtime, employee productivity loss, damage to your IT infrastructure, loss of business records/customer data, legal consequences (lawsuits, fines and regulatory actions) and damage to your reputation.

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1497385496_money-earning-ideals-004.pngWhich is why the best defense against cyber-crime – no matter how big or small the business -- is taking a proactive approach.  Instead of worrying (or pretending not to worry) about a cyber attack, plan for it.

So when you’re busy managing the day-to-day operations of your business, how do you know where to start, or how your current level of security rates?

You start by asking yourself the important questions.

7 Cybersecurity Questions Every Business Needs to Answer

We put together a downloadable resource with 7 security questions that you can ask yourself in order to understand just how prepared your business really is (or isn't) for a cyber-attack.  Get it right here, right now (no form required).  Or use the button below to access it.

Get the 7 Cybersecurity Questions

If you have an IT Partner managing your network and your network security for you, maybe these questions are good prompts for your next review meeting, or just something to touch base on. 

But if modernizing or enhancing your network security is still on your To Do List, then these questions serve as a great jumping-off point, either internally or with an IT solutions provider.

(NOTE to Corsica Customers:  Under our Managed IT Services agreements, you are well covered when it comes to proper network security.  But if you have any questions, reach out to your Account Manager to schedule a quick call to review all of the tools and processes in place to protect your network and your data.)

No matter how awesome your IT partner is though, Question #1 applies to anyone reading this post.  Because it only takes one bad click by one end-user on your network to create a business disaster. 

So check out the 7 cybersecurity questions you need to answer, and make sure that end-user training and education are part of your business' ongoing culture of cyber-awareness.

Get the 7 Cybersecurity Questions

Corsica Team is an experienced IT solutions provider.  We treat your network like it's our own, using business-grade devices and security services, and implementing a layered approach to network security.  Our Managed IT Services customers benefit from top-notch security protections, and can relax knowing that a team of experts is protecting the heart of their business 24/7.
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