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OOPS! Human Error and Business Data Loss

March 29th, 2017

As we highlight the upcoming World Backup Day (March 31) and the critical need – both personally and professionally – to back up your files and systems, it’s impossible not to talk about the link between good old fashioned human error and business data loss.

Whether it’s a spilled smoothie, a careless (or uneducated) click on a malicious link, or loss of a company-owned device with critical data on it, the result of these very human errors can be very serious for your business.

And that’s why today’s Data Loss Gremlin is known as Whoopsie Daisy.

Meet Whoopsie Daisy…The Data Loss Gremlin Who Never MEANS To Do It

Gremlins_illustrator_whoopsie.pngOf the Six Data Loss Gremlins, Whoopsie Daisy takes the prize for carelessness.

There’s no forbidden button she will not touch or safety instruction she will not ignore. Clumsy, aloof and heavy-handed, Whoopsie Daisy is the definition of a “walking disaster.” She totters and trundles, teeters and trips, yanking power plugs, smashing computer keys and damaging any device within reach. Pressing the “delete” button and moving perfectly good files into the trash bin are an obsession for this lumbering lout. In the process, critical business data bites the dust. 

Whoopsie Daisy delivers an ignoble reminder that there’s no shortage of creative ways to destroy business data. Even a seemingly harmless threat can lead to data loss, possibly causing business downtime or much, much worse.

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Human error isn’t malicious or intentional…it’s human.

Human error and data loss.pngAs a business leader, it’s essential that you recognize that there is one aspect of your business that you can never completely control: the people who work for you.

With a click of a mouse, a file is gone, a system is corrupted, or an entire database is taken hostage for ransom.

It happens that fast.

Taking a proactive approach to protecting your business and your data with the proper managed IT security and data protection plans is a best practice you can’t ignore. The stakes are too high and the cost to recover is crippling if you are not prepared in advance.

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What Does Whoopsie Daisy Fear the Most?

Human Error and Business Data Loss.jpgFor starters, cups with lids!

But the best defense against Whoopsie Daisy is two-fold – user education and training, and properly managed backups.

We’ve discussed at length the need for end-user education and training, which is primarily in defense of cyber attacks and spotting social engineering tactics that disguise malicious links.  Creating that culture of cyberawareness is more important than ever, because the threats are very sophisticated, very aggressive, and very targeted.

So make sure that everyone on your team knows the red flags of a phishing attack (click below to access an on-demand webinar on this topic), knows what to do (immediately) if they do click on a bad link, and follows good practices for password management (hint: password is a TERRIBLE password.)

On-Demand Webinar- How to Spot (and avoid) Phishing Attacks update.png

In the event that Sharon DOES click a bad link though, having a reliable backup – and that means one that you can access quickly when you need it – is your only guarantee against for example, paying a ransom in order to have your system unlocked.

That same backup will also protect you in the event that Jason trips and spills that steaming mug of coffee all over the server, or accidentally deletes a critical file (or all of them).

In other words, data backups are Plan B against the humans who work for you being all too human coupled with the ever-present cyber threats circling your business.

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Tomorrow...Meet Mal the contagious Data Loss Gremlin

Check back tomorrow to learn more about Mal, the one among the Six Data Loss Gremlins who enjoys mischief for the sheer pleasure of harming others. Or use the button below to subscribe to our blog and you'll receive tomorrow's installment directly via email.

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