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Know the Red Flags of a Phishing Attack

June 13th, 2017

Cyber threats against businesses are ever-present, and phishing tops the list of security risks causing concern for today's business leaders. As the volume and sophistication of phishing attacks increases, the chance of an employee introducing this threat to the network through a bad click also goes up.  And because knowing the red flags of a phishing attack can help prevent becoming a victim of one, we've put together an infographic covering the most common signs.

How Can You Spot a Phishing Email?

Phishing continues to evolve, making it impossible to offer campaign-specific warnings against every single variant of this common cyber-attack.  

Some are immediately obvious, and fortunately many get blocked by anti-spam and anti-virus filters.

While not all phishing messages are created equal, savvier cybercriminals are often one step ahead of these types of filters and defenses.  Their phishing campaigns are more carefully constructed and more targeted, making them more difficult to spot.  

And now with polymorphic malware - malware with a signature that constantly changes or morphs - in use for phishing, even more attacks will potentially evade detection by traditional means.

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That's where knowing the most common red flags of a phishing attack is your best defense.

While you can't warn your end-users about every single phishing attempt they might encounter, you can educate them about the most common types of messages they are likely to encounter.  

When everyone on your team is educated and trained to know what to look for, and when to be suspicious (always), your data and your network are going to be that much more secure.  

Your company's information security is every team member's responsibility, so be sure to educate everyone - from the boardroom to the breakroom - about the persistent threats they are facing, and what they need to know to avoid falling victim to them.

Training your team to think before they click and to approach every message with extreme caution could save you from a major data disaster down the road.

Review the below infographic to learn 9 common red flags of a phishing attack.

You can download a PDF verison of the infographic here.

Red Flags of a Phishing Attack.png

End-User Education is Key in Defending Against Cyber-Attacks

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