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Don't be an April Fool! Make Data Backups a Priority for Your Business

March 31th, 2017

Today’s the day!  It’s World Backup Day, and as we’ve been saying all week (and will continue to say), modern, sound data backups are your best protection against all of the various data loss risks facing businesses today.

wbd_wordmark-date.pngAnd trust us here, the risks are ever-present!

Between faulty equipment, cyber-attacks, human error and disastrous events, your data is always at risk from something.

But it’s not just the threats that have increased…so have the stakes.  Our reliance on this data is greater than ever, which means the fall-out from any type of data loss is going to be significant…possibly even crippling.

Today we introduce you to the final two of the Six Data Loss Gremlins, and talk about what you can do to fight back against them.

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Snuff Out Scorch, the Hot-Tempered Data Loss Gremlin

Gremlins_illustrator_disaster.pngOf the Six Data Loss Gremlin, Scorch has the hottest temper.

Think of this particular Gremlin and his seething demeanor as something out of Dante’s Inferno. No matter what you put in front of him, Scorch won’t hesitate to annihilate anything with his flames, including your critical data.

All he needs is a spark, no matter how big or small, to wreak devastation on any business. Indeed, Scorch is such a dangerous, unpredictable and indiscriminate threat that all you can do to fight it is to prepare for it and have a plan to recover should you ever become its victim.

No server, hard drive or storage stack can hold back Scorch’s attacks. Scorch is thorough, efficient and quick.

Fighting Scorch’s Flames

Scorch reminds us that basic fire prevention measures should never be ignored. 

So for starters, make sure you have functioning smoke alarms and fire extinguishers and that your personnel are trained on how to use them, in the event a fire does break out.  Also make sure to regularly test and/or replace this safety equipment.

fire-294487_640.pngIt might sound pretty basic, but sometimes the simplest solutions – like installing a working fire extinguisher – tend to get overlooked.

This matters a great deal because fire is something that we probably all think will never happen to us…until it does.  And even if a fire occurs outside of your server room, if your office becomes inaccessible as a result, it can still bring business to a halt.

Unless, of course, you have off-site backups in place that allow your team to continue working from remote locations.

This is where that disaster recovery plan comes into play.  This type of planning and preparation for a worst-scenario type of event can in fact mean the difference between merely surviving a disaster (or not) and actually operating in “business-as-usual” mode.

If you haven’t done any type of disaster recovery planning, now is the time.  It’s in planning for the “when” (not if) a disaster of any magnitude strikes that you will uncover solutions like off-site backups or cloud-based tools like Office 365 that offer business continuity solutions while also protecting your data.

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Foiling Klepto, the Sticky-Fingered Data Loss Gremlin

Gremlins_illustrator_klepto.pngMeet Klepto, one of the Six Data Loss Gremlins that can bring your business to its knees if you let them.

Klepto does his best to grab his unfair share of the $445 billion that companies worldwide lose each year to cybercrime.

Klepto is a real sicko. Greedy and dishonest, he never misses the slightest opportunity to get his sticky fingers on an unprotected laptop or tablet, hijack a bunch of users’ credit card numbers, or pilfer the passwords of unsuspecting victims. 

Klepto never sleeps – and he spends all his waking hours concocting and executing schemes to steal more data. He’s an expert on social engineering, blackmail and – when nothing else works –plain brute force. But he can be stopped. It takes effort and investment to stay a few steps ahead of this nefarious gremlin, but it’s not impossible.

Klepto-Proofing Your Business Data

Truly, there is only one way to guarantee protection against Klepto - backups that are run and tested on a regular basis.  Best practice is to have a hybrid solution that allows at least your most critical detail to be backed up (and available) in the cloud.

In additon though, enacting strong cybersecurity measures can also boost your defenses.

This includes:

Learn the Top 10 cybersecurity mistakes.png

Run Your Backups and Check Your Restores

In case you haven't gotten the message behind our World Backup Day posts and reminders, what we're trying to say is that all businesses (of all sizes) need data backups.  There is no way around it, so if this isn't on your radar, or you're still relying on old tape backups, then it's time to consult with an IT professional.

We'd be more than happy to offer a consultation about your overall network management and security.  To request a call from a member of our Account Management team, use the button below.

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