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Business Data Management: Defending Against "Scratch”

March 28th, 2017

In recognition of World Backup Day on March 31, we are exploring the most common threats to your business data management, and what you can do to prevent them. Today we take a closer look at the risks presented by “Scratch” the Data Loss Gremlin who thrives on equipment failures and local data backups.

He can wreak havoc on your business by stealing or destroying critical data – or both – and he has a special affection for aging, overworked servers and the irresistible data they hold.

Equipment Failure…Scratch’s Best Friend and Your Worst Enemy

Computer hardware isn’t meant to last forever.

Accepting this reality is key to any modern business data management plan, so please...take as long as you need to allow that to sink in.

Gremlins_illustrator_scratch.pngAs a general rule, any machine that is more than 4 years old should be replaced.  This is for both security reasons, and productivity gains. The speed of innovation today means that technology that is 4 years old (or more) just isn’t going to work as efficiently or smartly as newer options.  It’s also going to be a higher risk for a breach.

Old IT is a threat to your business largely because aging and overworked devices, systems and servers are prime targets for cyber threats and attacks. 

Even newer technology is a risk, without a strategy in place to review and push security updates and run regular, preventative maintenance to protect it.  In fact, a new laptop that isn’t accepting updates to the OS is very much at risk.  That’s because those updates or “patches” are correcting for KNOWN vulnerabilities in your software and/or operating systems.

And by known, we mean known by hackers, who have likely already exploited these security holes.  That’s often how the technology vendors learn about them in fact.

Patch management and regular maintenance are both important considerations in the management of your IT (new and old), and something that you ignore at your own peril. 

Like it or not though, when it comes to your hardware there comes that tipping point where continuing to help it “limp along” for another few months (or years) is not only costing you time and efficiency, but it’s also increasing your risk for either a failure or a security breach that can result in data loss.

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Why Scratch Loves Local-Only Data Backups

lock_and_data-01.pngScratch loves to cause problems with external hard drives and other equipment that is used for backing data up locally.  It’s like two-for-one destruction, because it wipes out data AND your safety net.

Know what Scratch doesn’t like?

In addition to well-maintained servers and hard drives, he really hates redundant backups that protect critical information by saving another copy of the backup in a separate, secure location.

Cloud technologies have made this easier and better than ever, and many businesses today opt for hybrid backup strategies.  By backing up data to the cloud, you eliminate the risks of on-site equipment failure taking down your business and potentially your entire brand.

Corsica's Managed IT Service customers benefit from hybrid network and desktop-level backups as well as regular, proactive maintenance and patch management.  If you'd like to learn more about these solutions, request a call and a member of our Account Management Team will contact you right away.

World Backup Day: Be Prepared & Backup Your Files

One of the focal points of World Backup Day is creating awareness of the importance of backups.  To that end, the event organizers encourage everyone to take this pledge:

“I solemnly swear to backup my important documents and precious memories on March 31st.”


I will also tell my friends and family about World Backup Day - friends don't let friends go without a backup.

At Corsica, we echo that sentiment and would encourage you to both take that pledge and also make time to evaluate your current backup procedures and ask yourself if they are sound.  Gone are the days when backup tapes represented “modern” procedures, yet many businesses have yet to update to newer, better, more reliable practices.

Whether it’s at the office or at home, stop and think about what it would mean to lose critical data (or precious memories). 


Once you’ve let that sink in, use that feeling as motivation to assess and update your current procedures, or to take the time to actually establish regular backups.

And no discussion about business data management is complete without including disaster recovery.  Because it's one thing to save a backup copy of your data, but it's another matter altogether to access it when you need it.

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Tomorrow...Meet Whoopsie Daisy and Learn How to Fight Back Against Human Error

Check back tomorrow to learn more about Whoopsie Daisy, the Data Loss Gremlin who thrives on those OOPS moments that are all too human...and common.  Or use the button below to subscribe to our blog and you'll receive tomorrow's installment directly via email.

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