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6 Ways to Shop Smart This Holiday Season

November 28th, 2017

'Tis the season...to score those great holiday cyber deals! But while you're making the holidays happy for all those on your "nice" list, you need to be sure you're also doing everything you can to protect yourself from cyber attacks and attempts to steal your personal information.

While there is no foolproof way to avoid today's advanced and persistent cyber threats, there are things you can do to better protect yourself against the everyday risks you're facing.

Check out this short video that cover 6 ways to shop smart this holiday season.  (Below that you'll find other helpful article links.)

Shop Smart This Holiday Season from Corsica Tech on Vimeo.


Related Articles and Resources

Here are some other articles that offer additional or expanded information on the tips reviewed in the video.

Avoid These Popular Holiday Scams

avoid these popular holiday scams.pngCybercriminals use clever scams to defraud millions of people every year, regardless of the season.  But with the holiday season - and the biggest shopping days of the year - just around around the corner, it's more important than ever to keep your guard up and stay vigilant.  Read More.


What is HTTPS...and Why it Matters Now More Than Ever

What is HTTPS.pngMost likely, you already know that some websites use “http” and some use “https”.  And you probably also know that anytime you are being asked to enter personal information into a site, you should first check to make sure that it has that extra “s” and the lock icon.  But do you know what HTTPS really is, how it works, or why it even matters for your business?  Read More.

The Trouble With Passwords...

The Trouble with Passwords.pngLet’s face it, coming up with complex, lengthy and truly random passwords is hard to do.  And despite all the best practices and guidelines, it seems that the hackers are still one step ahead of us, able to crack even passwords that we think follow the accepted rules.  So why is this, and what can we do about it?  Read More.


The Best Defense Against Phishing is a Cautious End-User

Defense Against Phishing.pngLast week’s sweeping phishing scam impersonating a Google Docs request underscored a critical point in cybersecurity: Your defense against phishing is largely in the hands of your end-users.  It’s an important reminder that “think before you click” isn’t just a helpful saying, it’s actually an important barrier between your data and the cyber-criminals targeting it.  Read More.

Know the Red Flags of a Phishing Attack

Red Flags of a Phishing Attack Featured Image.pngCyber threats against businesses are ever-present, and phishing tops the list of security risks causing concern for today's business leaders. As the volume and sophistication of phishing attacks increases, the chance of an employee introducing this threat to the network through a bad click also goes up.  And because knowing the red flags of a attack can help prevent becoming a victim of one, we've put together an infographic covering the most common signs.  Read More.

How to Test a Link Without Clicking on It

test a link without clicking.pngThink before you click.  It’s great advice and we repeat it and share it frequently, given the security risks associated with clicking links in phishing emails, malvertising or spoofed webpages.  But we also live in the real world -- where sometimes you just want/need/have to click -- so we wanted to share some practical tips on how to test a link without clicking on it.  Read More.

Keeping Your System Up-to-Date Means Having a Good Patch Management Strategy

patch management strategy.pngThere is one common thread that is always cited when cybersecurity and protecting your business network against cyber-threats is the topic (which it often is these days).  That thread is the importance of keeping your software and operating systems up-to-date, and how you accomplish that is with a good patch management strategy.  Read More.

Stay Cyber Aware

In order to keep the holidays happy and stay safe and secure this holiday season, stay alert and aware.  The more you know about the risks you face online, the better equipped you are to manage them. 

Make sure that everyone within your business is educated about the red flags of a phishing attack, and understands the consequences of a bad click on a malicious email or website.  Even if it was unintentional, it can still have a serious impact on your business.

Don't let this become the most wonderful time of year for the cybercriminals hoping to take advantage of distracted end-users. Stay cyber aware and make sure every one of your employees does too.

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