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5 Reasons your IT manager shouldn’t worry about outsourced IT support

March 07th, 2017

When a business is thinking about bringing in outsourced IT support, there are many factors that get considered. Things like cost, benefit to productivity, and impact on organizational efficiency are generally on that list. A little bit trickier though is how the current IT manager feels about the situation.  And while that person may be inclined to see the decision as a negative (or a threat), there are 5 really good reasons not to.

It's understandable that an IT manager might view management's announcement that they want to bring in outside IT support with a combination of fear, dread, and panic. And that they might see the move as a sign that they're about to be replaced.

Fortunately, this is not the case as there are some really good reasons why your IT manager should welcome -- not dread -- the support (and relief) that a managed IT service company can provide.

  1. Companies Will Always Need Coordination

No matter how good an outside IT service company is, their efforts still need to be coordinated with those within the organization. CEOs and VPs generally have more important things to do than micromanage new technology deployments or backup deliverables and schedules, but these are still critical items that need to be managed.

Who better to take that over than the current IT manager? If anything, an external managed IT service provider actually elevates the IT manager's position and authority, allowing him/her to get out of the weeds and demonstrate real leadership.

As just one example, the time afforded to an IT Manager by an outsouced IT solution can be used to focus on the following 2017 IT Priorities.

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  1. Outsourced IT Companies Free up Time for Strategic Planning

When a reliable IT company is handling the day-to-day operations of an organization's network, then your IT manager finally has time to focus on the big-picture stuff.clock_and_money-01.png

Bringing in an external managed service provider lets IT managers offload the daily "I lost my password", and "I can't connect to the
 printer" fire drills, and instead concentrate on strategic technology needs — in other words, the fun stuff.

  1. Managed Service Providers Free up Money for Better Technology

IT departments rarely get separate budgets for technology and maintenance. Instead, the maintenance comes first, and technology has to make do with whatever is left over. Managed IT service providers can drastically reduce the cost of maintenance and repairs, which leaves a lot more money in the budget for new technology.

Which means that your IT Manager's wish list just might (finally) become a reality.

  1. There's Less Mess to Clean Up

Professional IT service companies are far less prone to make the kinds of mistakes that lead to, for example, a daylong network outage.

Error.pngBecause of their large and diverse talent pools and the fact that they are under SLAs, they are less likely to have a big IT mistake, and they are more likely to get it resolved quickly.

That means fewer problems for your IT manager to have to fix. Not to mention, less angry coworkers will be walking into the office to complain about connection issues, missing networks and unresponsive printers.

Overall, when a managed IT provider takes on the responsibility of managing, maintaining and monitoring your company's network, there are fewer issues anyway because they have the skills and resources necessary to proactively prevent them from happening.

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  1. Managed IT Service Providers Make IT Managers Look Like Superheroes

Business Hero.jpgCompared to the investment required for a traditional in-house IT department, outsourced IT solutions generally cost much less, have fewer problems, fix problems faster, and provide a better business environment.

What IT manager wouldn't want to walk into a meeting with the CEO and take credit for all these improvements?

Meet Your New I.T. Department

Stop settling and get the IT service your business deserves by partnering with Corsica Tech for your IT needs.

Turning to an outsourced IT provider to implement your IT service and solutions has become the standard for small and medium businesses.  Relying on this specialized expertise allows you to focus on running and growing your business, secure in the knowledge that a trusted team is managing and maintaining the critical business systems that protect the heart of it all.

Corsica Tech's expert IT solutions are both affordable and innovative, allowing businesses of any size to enjoy world-class IT management services and access to modern, flexible technology tools and resources.  With a focus on quality, reliability and exceptional customer service, we can help you make technology your competitive advantage.

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